Poem for Space

Ocean of Yoga book by Julie Dunlop (pg 213)
Poem called “Exploring the Space Within”

The breath ebbs and flows,
the space of the heart widening,

allowing a forgiveness,
even a millimeter of space –

space in the mind expanding,
making room for a new point of view,

the space in the stomach full-to-capacity
or with plenty of room to digest-

the space between each vertebra,

the space between two thoughts,

the space, the pause, between inhale and exhale,

the space born when tense muscles relax, the release of stagnation,

the vibration of compassion
shaping the ever-shifting space
between mind and heart

This is the poem I used in a flow yoga for the immune system to make “space” for the breath. An expansive quality in not just the body but in the mind as well. The movements were focused on strengthening and releasing tension around the area of the rib cage to create more ease to the breath cycle. This includes working on better posture to enhance the flow of the breath (core stability, not just abdominals but shoulders to hips 360 degrees around the body) as well as releasing some tension in muscles and fascia.

Fun anatomy facts =

  • Having a functional breath helps to move lymphatic fluids and circulate the blood which supports a healthy immune system.
  • The diaphragm is the primary breathing muscle but it does have some helpers, especially during the exhale with the transversus abdominals, psoas and obliques.
  • Improved posture allows more ease to the breath due the diaphragm moving completely.