Virtual Private Yoga Sessions

Practice in your home with comfort and convenience with the added benefit of a customized practice tailored to your individual needs and anatomy.  It is also tailored to the props/equipment you have available in your home. The classes can range from 30 to 60 minutes in length.

Format: The class will be held via Zoom.  I will work with you to determine the day/time for the class.  It is your choice how many classes you do per month (they do not have to be weekly, can be random).  You will be emailed your unique Zoom link. It is completely your choice if you have your video on or off for class.

Quality / Custom: My setup for class provides you with the best lighting, audio & video quality as possible so you can see and hear me clearly. Each class sequence is custom designed for you; typed up ahead of time and prepared with thoughtfulness and care.

Unlimited Access to me as a Teacher: You will have access to my email (which I check often).  If you ever have any questions or need more information, I am happy to assist.


  • Never practiced with me before?  Let’s meet virtually!  This would be a free 30 minute session with time spent to understand your yoga needs and preferences along with a guided short practice.
  • Individual sessions can be purchased or you can buy a block of classes at a time…
    • $20 for a 30 min session
    • $40 for a 60 min session
  • Payment via PayPal or Venmo to be received before session begins. Checks can be mailed as well.
    • Just keep in mind, the class will only take place after the payment has been received, no IOUs, no exceptions.
  • No risk, only reward!
    • No commitment to selecting just one type of yoga.  I encourage you to explore the different types I offer so you can find what you need in your life.
    • No charge for cancellations or rescheduled sessions.  Also keep in mind I am a human teacher who on occasion may need to cancel, I will always do my best to give you enough notice.  I can contact you via email or phone.
    • Decide this format is not working for you anymore?  Just email me to cancel, no questions asked.  You will receive a full refund for any remaining classes you have not used.
  • Have a group of friends interested?  I can also lead a group class as well if you grab a friend or two.  Group sessions will have different rates than above.

If you are interested in setting this up, email me at to check my availability.  If you choose to continue, I will have you fill out a waiver form.


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