Turtle Speed = Slowing Down

Are you rushing during your day? Is your day one long to do list and then a hard stop to go to bed? Do you take quick moments to stop the momentum and just enjoy life?

I enjoyed my Yoga for Healthy Aging training/certification from Baxter Bell and his wife Melina Meza this past year. One of the best items I took to heart was the importance of slowing down. Taking more breaks during my day to disrupt my busy momentum and give my entire self a rest. Focusing fully on one task at a time. Not just to give my full focus, but for safety reasons as well; in the case of cooking or even going up and down the stairs in my home multiple times a day. This slowing down and giving myself intentional breaks during the day, has also improved my overall mood and sleep pattern. Of course I technically get less down during the day with these mini breaks. However, my intention for my life isn’t just to get a bunch of stuff done or have a perfectly clean house, it is to enjoy my time and have fun.

The yogi’s life is not measured by the number of his days but by the numbers of his breaths

B.K.S. Iynegar

Connecting to the turtle spirit animal with the breath

A slower breath pattern to relate to the master of conserving energy, the turtle. A reptile with one of the longest lifespans. Focusing on a slow pace, low volume, light breath that is centered around the low ribs or diaphragm location. This decreased rate impacts the body and mind to feel more relaxed, as if in hibernation. If comfortable, including a pause after the inhale and after the exhale as well.

“My senses rest inward, restored completely, allowing me to live with clarity and vitality”

Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian Le Page

Kurma (Turtle) Mudra

Mudra supports a drawing inward to self, just like a turtle into its shell. Both for safety and restoration. Cultivating an inner calm and silence.

  • Right hand = Curl middle and ring fingers in towards palm
  • Place right hand palm down onto left hand’s palm
  • Right thumb to middle of left wrist
  • Connect right index finger to left thumb
  • Connect right little finger to left index
  • Curl remaining three left fingers around right hand

Enjoy a Turtle Speed Yoga Flow Video (full length version on Vimeo) or YouTube

Turtle Speed = Slowing Down
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