Yoga for Spring Season

Tulips, warmer weather, sunshine, all of the lovely things that Spring brings.

A themed yoga class with yoga can be about growth or a fresh start.

I themed my class about the balance of energy at the start of the season. There is a dynamic between receiving and giving. Or in other words, allowing things to flow in but also letting things go as well. I relate this to cleaning out space in a closet before adding new clothing for a season.

Pushan Mudra

General energy pump. Aids in digestion and detoxification. Stimulates brain function, thought, mood and concentration.

Right hand = Connect thumb, ring and little fingers. This activates energy in the sacral chakra.
Left hand = Connect thumb, middle and ring fingers. This draws the energy from the pelvic area upward.

Pranayama – Light Energy Focus

Inhale and take in breath as energy in the form of light. Pause and give the light time to spread within you. Exhale and let energy flow back out. With each breath, focus on more light and clarity.

Flow Yoga for Spring

Poses included are Palm Tree balance and 4 corners or hokey pokey agility practice.