Balance & Harmony

  • Do you feel balanced during your day? Enough time to rest?
  • Is your mind active during most of the day or do you seek out quiet moments?
  • Do you feel your day/life could have more balance and harmony?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are in the right place. You are also human! We do get into a routine. We value time when we “achieve” something. Our TO DO lists are on our cell phones and planners. Reminding us that only after we check off everything we are supposed to do that day, do we get to finally rest. As if resting was a reward after a busy day.

About one year ago, I would NEVER have written this blog. I was an over-active achiever who valued marking off every item in my planner each day. I associated being busy with being important. I got stuck in an unhealthy momentum that really had no end in sight. I was tired all the time and my list was never finished.

The issue is when you get into a continual pattern of trying to tackle the never-ending to do list. Multiple days without rest and balance can lead to not taking care of yourself and adding to the stress. Today, I know that the most important thing I can do is to find balance. Which means, not always getting everything done.

What if I said, the number one TO DO item is to have a quiet moment and rest during your day? Taking time for yourself to do nothing. That doing nothing is actually the most important task of your day. It is a way to show yourself kindness and compassion. It can be done at anytime! You do not need to accomplish a bunch of items before taking a break. I find the best breaks are when I just walk away from my list, give myself full permission to pause, and rest. Usually for around 15 to 20 minutes. I feel more focused afterwards and can accomplish things much easier with a clear and calm mind.

How to I find balance and harmony? Everyone is different, this is just how I honor myself each day. I do one of the following or a combo.

  • Journaling = Free style writing. Write down anything that comes to mind, don’t worry about full sentences or even spelling. If one word stands out, circle it.
  • SoulCollage = Pull images from magazine or non-copyrighted websites like and dialogue with the image. Ask the image what it needs you to hear, what lesson it is trying to tell you or what it is trying to pull your attention to. Consider it to be a visual journaling prompt.
  • Oracle Cards = Similar to SoulCollage, you ask a question and then pull a card from the deck. Most decks have a booklet with a description on what each card means. Afterwards I journal with the card. Just like SoulCollage, it is a journaling prompt, something to consider and reflect on.
  • Restorative Yoga or Savasana = Utilizing blankets and props to support the body in a comfortable position to rest. Timeframe is up to you, I usually try for 20 minutes.
  • Music, Yoga Nidra, Guided Meditation = There are all items you do without silence. I am a big fan of pure silence but some days it is too much. These gentle sounds provide a little mind distraction and allows you to rest.
  • Gentle Yoga Movement = I love a gentle movement to feel good in the physical body so then my mind and emotional centers can rest easier. I have a lot of pre-recorded yoga videos with this theme.
  • Connecting with nature = Walking without earbuds so you can hear the sounds of the birds. Watching the sunrise or sunset. Being near a water source.
  • Other practice to find ease = These again vary per person. Mine include dancing, coloring books and crocheting.

Am I “perfect” each day? Absolutely not! But I am very aware and mindful each day. I observe how I feel and realize that the days when I do stop and take a break, even just 10 minutes, makes a world of a difference in my life. It is getting to a point that I no longer see taking a daily restorative pose for 20 minutes as a nice to have. I see it as a necessity each day. I need the rest. Emotionally, mentally and physically. If there is one thing that unites everyone on this planet, it is that we are perfectly imperfect people. Everyone has something they fear, worry about and even keeps them up at night. My solution is not a “fix”. It doesn’t mean I don’t worry anymore. I might even say I am a professional over-thinker and worrier. I am saying that taking a moment each day to rest, and even journal, has improved my balance and harmony in life. Does it change my life? No. Even better, it has changed me. My fears and issues do not dissolve, but I feel more in touch with who I am as a person. The time to rest peels back the layers to get to my true Self.

Yin Yang Mudra

Seated position for Yin Yang mudra and intention setting
Connect tips of index finger and thumb on each hand

RIGHT = Palm face out, upper
LEFT = Palm face in, lower

Connect thumb/index from both hands.

Note in this image I am a mirror for you.

Visual Alternate Nostril Breathing for Balance

No need for toggling the nostrils open and closed with your fingers. The visual element is tracing an imaginary upside down U-shape. Inhale via one nostril, follow the breath around the third eye center (space between the eyebrows) and then follow the breath out the other nostril.

Alternate the direction with each breath cycle. Meaning your first breath is inhaling via the left and exhaling via the right. The next breath is the reverse, inhaling via the right and exhaling via the left. Continuing on back and forth. This one is perfect to do if you are not sure if you need more cooling or heating energy.

Yin/Yang Fusion Practice for Balance