Breath Control (Pranayama)

Samma Vrtti

There is a pranayama technique called Samma Vrtti which translates to mean Equal Breathing. It is a way to pull your attention to your breath, which can provide a focal point for your mind during your meditation or relaxation. I suggest starting with noticing the current length of your inhale and exhale. This will allow […]

Microcosmic Orbit Breath

Not only a fun name to say “Microcosmic Orbit”, but also a visual tool for your breath pattern to help to focus your mind in the here and now. Other names include small orbit, chi circulation or in Japanese “shoshuten” which means “circling of light”. I originally discovered this pattern during my Yin Yoga training […]

Mindful Breathing: Ocean Breath

There are so many benefits of mindful breathing and increasing the length of the breath cycle. This is free and easy to do. It also can be done at anytime during your day! The magic is in the slowness of the breath cycle. Consciously breathing and lengthening the cycle to around 10 seconds per breath […]

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