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  • Hand Yoga for Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

    Manually massage… Note that you can take as long as you wish with this step, sometimes nice to do when watching TV.  Can apply ice to any sore areas afterwards.  Knuckle-Focused Releases Do one hand at a time and repeat each within your comfortable range of motion around 5 to 10 reps per exercise.  Each…

  • My Yoga Style = Teaching & Personal Practice; also how I keep my practice fresh

    Staying fresh and unique with both my teaching and personal practice is a daily dedication. I love to explore new shapes and movement patterns; which is not only great for the physical body, but also the brain loves to be challenged. Before I dive into where I gain inspiration, I wanted to briefly describe my…

  • Eye Yoga

    Spending a ton of time looking at close screens? Cell phones, tablets or computer monitors, just to name a few, are part of our daily lives. Just like brushing your teeth, take care of your eyes with some simple exercises which may help to destress your tired eyes. Eye Rolling Gaze as far up as…

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