Playful & Fun Yoga Practice

Sometimes we get in a routine in our yoga practice. This is not unusual. As human beings, we actually enjoy routines, they are safe and familiar to us. It only becomes a problem when we are “stuck” or unwilling to try new things. We stick with the same teachers, same studio/class, even label non-traditional poses and movement patterns as “not real yoga”. What if you explored and broadened your scope of what yoga really is? Spiced it up a bit!

As a teacher, I have found a couple of students who questioned my style of teaching. They would say I was not traditional in my yoga practice. I took that as a compliment! I see yoga as mindful movement. Yoga poses are constantly being generated. New movement patterns discovered. It is an exciting time to have a practice. It is not just poses read from a dusty book anymore! Strength can be added with light weights or resistance bands, natural movement patterns added for a more dynamic practice. All of these things honor your anatomy and help to promote wellness. Doing these in a mindful way is yoga. I would even say taking a slow walk outside can be yoga. Sitting in a meditation is yoga. There are no limits. Your practice is your own and I encourage you to spice it up and explore.

I have always found value in mixing it up. Learning from other teachers, reading books or taking a training class and playing around with how I teach yoga. I have a few different styles that I teach, but my favorite is a more playful and fun type of yoga. Creative usage of props and shapes/movements that you may not consider to be a “yoga” pose. No rules. Just move to feel good! Let go of “traditional” yoga and have some freedom.

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