Mindfulness Techniques (Step Two)

If do did not do so already, please review “STEP ONE”…Creating the habit of setting aside time in your day. Starting small with just 5 minutes. This post is considered STEP TWO…ideas on techniques to do during the time you set aside. Pause for a moment. If you feel safe to do so, close […]

Mindful Breathing: Ocean Breath

There are so many benefits of mindful breathing and increasing the length of the breath cycle. This is free and easy to do. It also can be done at anytime during your day! The magic is in the slowness of the breath cycle. Consciously breathing and lengthening the cycle to around 10 seconds per breath […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

Nadi = Channel, flow or river Shodhana = Purification Alternate nostril breathing is one of my favorite pranayamas since there are multiple ways to practice. You can mix and match different versions and ways to practice and see what you enjoy best. Versions of Breath (Cooling, Heating & Balancing) Cooling = Chandra (Moon) Bhedana. The […]

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