Hand Yoga for Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

Manually massage…

  • Top of hand, following along and between bones connecting to fingers
  • Webbing between thumb and index finger
  • The palm

Note that you can take as long as you wish with this step, sometimes nice to do when watching TV.  Can apply ice to any sore areas afterwards. 

Knuckle-Focused Releases

Do one hand at a time and repeat each within your comfortable range of motion around 5 to 10 reps per exercise.  Each one begins in a handshake position.  Thumb out to the side naturally and fingers straight and touching.

  1. Knuckle Bend
    • Bend end and middle joints of fingers.  Ending with tips of fingers touching the very top of the palm.
  2. Fist Stretch
    • Open and close hand without squeezing fist.  Wrap thumb around outside of fingers.
  3. Tendon Glides (this pulls together the knuckle bend and fist stretch)
    • Do the Knuckle Bend
    • Then the Fist Stretch
    • Add in one final move of reaching the fingertips towards the base of the palm. 
    • Glide back the opposite direction and repeat.

Thumb-Focused Releases

This can be done with both hands at one time or do one at a time again.  5 to 10 reps per exercise

  1. Thumb Stretch
    • Touch tip of thumb, across the palm, to the base of the small finger.
  2. Thumb Taps
    • Touch the tip of the thumb to each fingertip, walking from index to little finger and back again.  Making O-shapes as you go.
  3. Thumb Stabilization
    • Curve fingers around an invisible cup of coffee/tea (making C-shape).  Bending at the knuckles.  Open hand again and repeat.

Flat Surface Releases

Do this on a table top or other flat surface.  If sitting on a couch, you can use a thick book or laptop.  If possible, do one hand at a time.  4 to 6 reps per exercise.

  1. Finger Walking
    • Begin in a neutral hand position.  Walk each finger (thumb to little finger) over to the left.  Fingers will look like they are on an angle.  Maintaining contact with the flat surface.  Then back to center.  Repeat to the right. 
  2. Finger Extension
    • Lift one finger at a time off of the flat surface (thumb to little finger).  Maintaining contact with the surface with the other fingers during the exercise.
  3. Intrinsic Exercise
    • Rotate hand so that only little finger side is connecting to the surface.
    • Bend your hand where the fingers connect to the hand.  Keep wrist relaxed.  Thumb stays neutral.