We Can Do Anything but We Cannot Do Everything

Yoga without an intention is just exercise.

I will be sharing my intentions that I have heard teachers say in class that I loved or ones that I have used while teaching.  Sometimes the intention can be a theme to the class.  It can be one word to focus on or an entire quote.

During a yoga class that I attended today, the intention was a quote.  “We can do anything but we cannot do everything.”  This one hit me especially today since I put the final touches on my yoga thesis paper and had it professionally printed.  I am nearing the end of my 200-hour program and I am now getting to the final big milestones.  My thesis paper is written and included in my huge binder with all of my other paperwork: documentation of workshops, classes, homework and class observations.  I am practicing in my group for our community classes end of this year.  I am heading downtown to teach a desk chair yoga session to some of my former co-workers.  Things are really gearing up.  Which ultimately means my body is feeling the stress.  I found it difficult to relax and center in yoga today.  It was like the stress took over my body so much that I did not recognize myself.  It actually caused me to shed a few tears since I was very comfortable with the tension in my body.  I could feel my energy and mood was not myself.  During class at any point my mind wandered I reminded myself – I need this break, I cannot do everything.  I need this relaxation, I deserve it.  I had to remind myself countless times in class but finally by the end of the hour I was able to relax in final savasana.  It was a good lesson that I will bring to my students.  We can do anything we put our minds to but we need to be reasonable.  We need to pace ourselves and remove any judgement, expectations and pressure.